How to Enable AirPlay on Android To Wireless Stream Audio, Video to Apple TV, Windows PC, Mac & Linux


Apple AirPlay Android

Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming technology is something I like the most about iOS devices. But like any other Apple service even AirPlay is exclusive to iOS devices that includes iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For the uninitiated, AirPlay lets iOS users wirelessly stream photo, video and audio from iDevices (server) to Apple TV (receiver) connected to a big screen. All these without having to install any third-party app in iOS. Though hackers have been successful in emulating Apple TV as an AirPlay receiver on Windows PC, Mac OS and Linux using XBMC 11, iOS still remained as the player/ server. Though Android  users can make use of UPnP/DLNA protocols to stream over the network but that is not a true substitute to AirPlay. Also it doesn’t do justice to someone who already owns AirPlay gadgets. So what gives if you are an Android user wanting to leverage the power of AirPlay without having to switch to or own an iOS device? Well, DoubleTwist  to rescue.

DoubleTwist is a popular media manager and player app available for Android that is both intuitive and feature rich. Though DoubleTwist is free, AirSync a premium add-on app from the same developer can make this player a media server too. DoubleTwist’s AirSync app supports Apple AirPlay protocol so that it can stream your videos, photos and music directly from your Android phone or tablet running DoubleTwist to your Apple TV (or Windows, Mac, Linux using XBMC 11). Note that unlike AirPlay on iOS, DoubleTwist AirSync app only enables AirPlay on this app and is not an Android wide feature. That means you cannot stream content using other Android apps.

How to enable AirPlay on Android Using DoubleTwist AirSync:

1. Download and install DoubleTwist Player on your Android phone or Tablet device.

2. Now download and install AirSync by DoubleTwist add-on.

3. Launch DoubleTwist Player and head over to ‘Settings’ tab by swiping to left. Under ‘Settings’ tab click to select ‘AirTwist & AirPlay’ and slide to enable streaming. Also ‘Allow WiFi network’.

DoubleTwist Android AirPlay

4. Now play start playing audio or video file on your Android device via DoubleTwist Player. While playing you will now see a wireless beam icon next to player controls. Hit that icon to select a playback device from the list.

DoubleTwist AirPlay Receiver
5. Select your Apple TV from the list and immediately the audio or video will be streamed to the screen attached to Apple TV.

Enable Android to Windows, Mac & Linux AirPlay streaming:

Alternately you can stream contents from your Android device to Windows PC, Mac OS X and Linux using XBMC 11 media player installed on it that supports Apple AirPlay. For the steps involved in setting it up on a desktop follow this post here.

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