Use Pipe App To Send Files Upto 1GB via Facebook In Real-Time

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We are not running short of free cloud storage services offering GBs of disc space that allows users upload and share content stored on a remote server. The popular ones like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive are all competing each other to retain the cloud storage crown. While free services are good for what it has to offer there exists privacy issues and the burden of uploading large chunks of data. But what is in store if you are not willing to compromise on privacy and time taken to upload files. Well, there is this service on the horizon that redefines how we share files online.

Pipe is a free Facebook application that allows users send and receive files with any online friend in real-time. The simple, secure and real-time nature of this service makes it an app worth using for casual file sharing. Using Pipe app you can send any file format be it a video, music, document or photo that is not more than 1GB. The 1GB file size limit is actually the browser cache size limit set by default on web browsers. The greatest advantage of Pipe is that there is no intermediary server as it creates a live direct connection between sender and receiver.

To get started install the Pipe app on Facebook. Once loaded you will have the dead simple UI from where you can select an online friend on Facebook to create a direct live connection between desktops. Hit the ‘Friends’ tab and select or search a friend. Now as a first step click on ‘Online’ button for the Pipe file transfer interface to pop up.

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Now simply drag and drop files to the Pipe application and your friend will be notified about the same via chat message. If your friend is new to Pipe, he or she will be prompted to install the app first and then accept the file. Once set the files will start appearing on the other side in real-time, magically. The file transfer progress will be displayed in percentage and graphically around the pipe tip. Also it can be stopped anytime by hitting he red cross button.

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