zBigz: Overcome ISP BitTorrent Throttling via HTTP Direct File Downloads [Free]

ZbigZ Online Torrent App

BitTorrent, the most popular technology used to share files online have been under the scanner of film and music industry for a long time. But recently things just got worse when federal agencies and governments around the world started blocking access to torrent sites. While it’s a known fact that people do use torrent to distribute both legitimate and pirated stuff online, fully blocking it is never an ultimate solution nor it is easy to do so. Now if you are someone who use .torrent indexing sites like Pirate Bay for sharing or downloading media say Creative Commons attributed files you have the right to leverage this best known technology. But the positives associated with BitTorrent as a file distribution platform are few when considering the negative side of it. As a result ISPs are forced to block websites or throttle traffic to free up bandwidth. Now lets see how we can overcome the restrictions set my ISPs for good.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) usually monitor torrent traffic and limits or blocks it to discourage users from downloading. While the blocked sites can easily be unblocked using proxy or a VPN, throttling at ISP level can only be surpassed by using other means to download. And the most popular way is to use what is popularly known as seedbox services that can download BitTorrent files to the servers and provide users with a direct download over HTTP. These services providers let users queue torrents on the servers first and they download it utilizing the enormous bandwidth available in matter of minutes. As a user you can then download it on to your computer as you would regularly do to cache a file. There existed popular services like LeechPack, Torrific and Fetch.io but unfortunately all them has been shut down by feds. Now the ones available are the feature rich Put.io and zBigz, among which the latter provides a free services with restricted features. Now lets dive into zBigz as a free seedbox service.

zBigz Working

zBigz, is an online BitTorrent client that allow its users cache BitTorrent contents to cloud using a free (and a premium) account and then download via HTTP thus bypassing ISP throttling. But there are few catches if you opt foe a free account. With a free account users can only cache two torrent simultaneously with a maximum size of 8GB and lives for upto a week. Also there is a cap of 150 KB/s which is actually not a big issue considering the fact that some ISPs throttle BitTorrent traffic upto 10% thus rendering it useless.

Create a free account and start feeding torrents to zBigz. Go to ‘My files’ tab and there you will find option to either upload the .torrent itself from computer or just the direct link or magnet that leads to that particular file. Now hit ‘Go!’ for zBigz to start downloading files and folder to their servers. Once done you will have zipped files or a single file based on what the contents the torrent holds. Hit ‘Download’ button to move files to your computer via HTTP. If you are a premium apart from the restrictions that can be unlocked one can also stream music and video files via zBigz web interface.

zBigz Torrent Cache

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