Boxopus- Instantly Turn Dropbox Into an Online BitTorrent Downloader

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The popular cloud storage and syncing service Dropbox just got better with the birth of this service called Boxopus. In my previous post I covered an online BitTorrent client (or seedbox)  that allowed users to cache .torrent file contents to a third-party server and then later download it your desktop. Imagine the same setup but instead of zBigz (or similar server-side torrent downloading service like servers wouldn’t that be awesome if your  favorite online storage service Dropbox is put to good use. Here is an online service where in Dropbox meets BitTorrent technology.

Boxopus is a free (while in beta) online BitTorrent download service that can leech files shared via the BitTorrent technology and then sync it to your online Dropbox account once the downloading gets over. Here Boxopus does the heavy-lifting as a torrent downloader and utilizes Dropbox API to sync files and folders to your already existing account with Dropbox. The best part is the files synced to your online Dropbox storage space also gets synced to all other devices with Dropbox client installed including your desktops. But while testing Boxopus this service was too slow and took time for downloading and syncing even a small file. Blame the uber slow Dropbox syncing that is in place right now. But that doesn’t stop one from using this as an alternative to other paid services leeching torrent contents to unknown servers. It is worth noting that online services like Boxopus doesn’t play fair when it comes to files seeding (uploading or giving back to the community) contradictory to how BitTorrent works.

Go get started head over to Boxopus page and create a free account. After login, add and authorize your Dropbox your account by simply following the on-screen messages. Once done you are ready to start downloading .torrent file contents via Boxopus to Dropbox account. As a first step browse and choose a .torrent file (downloaded from Torrent indexing sites) stored on your computer and click ‘Put in my Dropbox’. Now the .torrent file is uploaded to Boxopus server and then displays all torrent files and folders for you to go through before initiating the download process. Hit ‘Start Download’ and wait for Boxopus to connect to torrent trackers to track the health, number of seeds and peers to begin caching.

Note that Boxopus syncs torrent contents to a folder called ‘boxopus’ under the root folder ‘Apps’ in your Dropbox account. This can either be accessed via Dropbox web interface or automatically synced to your mobile and desktop with proper apps in place.

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All the torrent being downloaded can be viewed while logged in to Boxopus and the status can be ascertained too. Once the torrenting  completes at Boxopus server-side you will see a ‘Complete’ status. Hit the cross icon towards right side of file description to cancel downloading at any time. But files once downloaded to Boxopus will be synced to Dropbox and can only be removed via Dropbox UI.

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Though Boxopus is live and working as of now am not sure how long it will be there in the scene considering what happened to Megaupload and other such services recently. Again am not sure if a cloud storage company of this magnitude would be happy to be associated with a BitTorrent service. Though Boxopus is well within Dropbox ToS and using their publicly available API only time will tell if Boxopus will come out of beta with a premium service.


  1. Boxopus does not transfer the file to Dropbox. Unfortunately, Dropbox decided not to allow boxopus due to the piracy concerns related with BitTorrent. Boxopus still works, but stores the torrents on its own server and you’ve to download your files within 24 hours.

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