Friendthem- Alternative to Facebook ‘Find Friends Nearby’ Feature for iOS, Android

Friendthem Facebook iOS Android AppFacebook recently, very silently introduced this feature called ‘Find Friends Nearby’ aka Friendshake that allowed prying eyes to find friends and acquaintances who are near to your location at any point of time. Though a new feature that was available to Facebook mobile users accessing via iOS, Android and web apps around the world, many were concerned about the privacy issues it posed. While it definitely helped users find and add new friends it also posed a serious privacy risk which would have been disastrous. Now the latest news suggests that Facebook has pulled this Friendshake feature and is no more available for public consumption. And the reason quoted by various online news portals are pointing to this app called Friendthem that claimed this find friends nearby feature to be their brain child and something available since months. Now that this Facebook feature is no more available lets dig into this alternative app and see if its worth the hype.

Frindthem is a simple free app available for both iOS and Android that does exactly what Facebook claimed with ‘Find Friends Nearby’ feature. Friendthem mobile app uses your existing Facebook login to again access to your account. This is a one time process and you will not be prompted to enter credentials again. Once done all you have is three in-app tabs namely Nearby, History and Settings. Under Nearby tab you will see your friends and other Friendthem users close to your location along with the mutual friends (number to the right represents your mutual friends). If you think that a friend request is appropriate you may grab their attention by sending a request to add you. But if you prefer not to send request immediately but at a later time after further investigation then you may use later feature. All the requests will then be added to history tab and that can be sent later. Now what your friends see about you on their mobile depends on what you want to share. Name, profile pic and hometown can be toggled to show or hide.

This app is worth testing out especially if you are using the popular mobile apps like Bump or Cardflick to exchange contact info. Though not the same Friendthem is a great app to friend people around you and stay in touch.

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