Flutter- Control Spotify, iTunes Music on Windows, Mac With Hand Gestures

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Are you a Spotify power user or someone who manages all your music using native Media Player on Windows or Apple iTunes on Mac OS X. Do you find it difficult to play or pause music on Winamp or Spotify app while you’re engaged with something else. May be you are playing a musical instrument and would like to control music without having to be physically present near the PC. We have already published a post about an iPad app called MagicReader that allow users navigate through documents with head gestures and here is yet another app for desktops, but for music.

Flutter is a free cross-platform desktop app that can be used to control music or video playing on popular media players with simple hand gestures. If you are on a Windows machine using the native Media player or on Mac with default iTunes player all it take is a simple wave in front of the inbuilt or add-on webcam to take control of music. To get started, hold your palm towards the webcam and wait for it to detect it. Once detected you can hold palm in front of the webcam for few seconds to pause music and then again start playing it. The best part is when I tried waving even in dim light, Flutter could easily detect and take control of the respective media player apps. The player in focus need not be the current active window and Flutter can control apps even when minimized.

Flutter is useful when you want to control media playing on desktop from a distance and that too without voice commands. Moreover the ability to work even under moderate lighting is a huge bonus as you can keep using this app without altering the ambience especially when watching movies.

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  1. Chris says:

    While this is an enjoyable app it is pretty limited in what it can do, but I love the possibilities that it shows. We aren’t far away from technology which is completely controlled with the greatest of ease.

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