Top 10 Windows 7/ Vista Dreamscene Video Wallpapers

If you are using Windows Vista or  Windows 7 OS you would have used the Dreamscene video wallpaper feature. By default Dreamscene in Windows 7 is disabled. You can enable it by following our previous post here. The Dreamscene feature unveils  a never before experienced desktop environment before you. You can set wmv and mpg video files as your wallpaper by right clicking the file.

Finding cool Dreamscenes is bit difficult and also setting low resolution video files will spoil the fun. We have compiled Top 10 Windows 7/ Vista Dreamscene Video Wallpapers for you to enjoy and share. Download link at the end of post.

Android Dreamscene for Windows 7

Pink Waves Dreamscene foe Windows 7/ Vista

Butterfly Dreamscene for Windows 7/ Vista

Waterfalls Dreamscene for Windows 7/ Vista

ColorCrash Dreamscene for Windows 7/ Vista
Windows 7 Dreamscene

Night Lights Dreamscene for Windows 7/ Vista

Windows Vista Lights Dreamscene
Snowfall Dreamscene for Windows 7/ Vista

Summer leaves Dreamscene

Download Windows 7/ Vista Dreamscene pack :

Link 1 : Compixels Dreamscene Pack


  1. Nice pack. Hard to find anyone interested in Dreamscenes anymore. Thanks for the post.

  2. 10x very nice

  3. Hi, would you happen to have the 64 bit version of the file? thanks

  4. dave fisher says:

    the link isnt working. any hope of another way to get this pack?

    • Hi Dave, please try again as the download link is still active.

      • Omar cossio says:

        ugh help me please!! i dont know how to set it as the wallper :(

      • I followed the link to and downloaded the file “Compixels”. The problem is this file has no extention. Can you fix the file or tell me the extention so I can open the video files

  5. Omar cossio says:

    OMFG how do i do this the icon is just a white sheet of paper and when i click it, it gives me an option to open with: programs!! >:<

    • hi there, ive had the same problem as omar just a white sheet of paper, so whats the scooby doo, ive tried a few sites and as you say finding cool dreamscenes is difficult , so is this the bit .

      • sticky_zer0s says:

        You need to change, or add in this case the extention “.rar” to open the file. That’s what worked for me. Good luck!

  6. Aljon Good says:

    Hi dude thanks! This works. ^_^ Great link. Keep it up.