Boost Huawei 3G USB/ PCMCIA/ Express Card Signal Strength

In our previous post we covered how to unlock Huawei 3G USB data modems. We have  been using Huawei E122 which includes an option for connecting external antenna to increase signal strength. Many of the Huawei 3G USB/ Express data card do have the antenna slot. It will be hidden under a small cap on the side of your Huawei USB data modem usually. For Huawei Express cards the antenna slot will be on the card and cord will be already there in your laptops.

Antenna can be used when you are in a place were inadequate signal strength prevails. Now that you know where exactly is the antenna slot on Huawei 3G data cards we now need a proper gain antenna to improve signal strength. For our purpose the common pig tail antenna will do. All you have to note here is that you buy a proper connector/ adapter so that you can connect you Huawei 3G USB/ PCMCIA/ Express Card to the antenna successfully.

You can buy antenna from Check out this search result. After procuring one for yourself connect it to your modem and see the signal boost. Enjoy.

Huawei 3G modem antenna

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  1. Dipak says:

    i am using beetal MF190 data card with reliance sim. I am getting speed of 3-7kbps download speed in 2G network. But I think this is too slow. I am really upset. I don’t know what to do. When I call Beetal customer care they say it’s service providers problem i.e. Reliance people are not giving speed. Can anyone suggest what is the defect and where is the fault. Please send a troubleshooting msg on my mobile09311326391 so that when i am not online I can troubleshoot this thing. I really am badly in need of help. It takes days to download just 50 mb files. It’s really boring. I thing these people are really nuts. Now a days they don’t test the products and launch it in the market just to make some money. This is very bad experience. Somebody help me pls…

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