Best Server-side Torrent Downloading Services

Without doubt cloud computing services are changing the way we use the web. Be it audio, video or any other documents we can now have and access them via remote cloud servers. Anywhere and anytime access are the compelling advantages. In fact companies are investing heavily on cloud based services.

BitTorrent the widely used files sharing topology is now at the center stage. With and without revealing companies have started leveraging the torrent technology power to cut down overhead charges. But when it comes to the end-user all we have and use is a BitTorrent client to download the files tracked via .torrent file. Even this can be done by a server-side cloud service provider. The job  of leeching and seeding can be done using server-side torrenting services or so-called torrent seedboxes.

Here is a list of the best server-side torrenting services available which we have tested. All these services charge you monthly for consuming their diskspace and bandwidth.

1) is a cloud based file storage service that can fetch files via BitTorrent, FTP, direct downloads, rapidshare etc. The disk space and bandwidth need to be leased monthly to store files. In the case of torrenting you can either feed the .torrent file URL or upload from your PC. Once high-speed gigabit servers get the torrent files they start downloading the contents quickly. The torrent contents are stored on the cloud and you can stream audio and video via their interface for desktops and mobile phones. streams all major formats and can play mp3 files continuously in loop.

The web interfaces shows the progress of downloads to their servers. You can see the speed at which files are downloaded and uploaded simultaneously. The file transfer can be stopped anytime. file transfer

Features of

  1. Seed torrents until ratio is 1:1.15.
  2. Fetch files from many places including BitTorrent, FTP’s and direct download links.
  3. Automatic downloads via RSS feeds
  4. Convert to iPhone/iPod format (mp4) for streaming
  5. Play mp3 files continuously via web interface optimized for desktops and mobile phones.
  6. Plays all videos files downloaded
  7. Concurrent Downloads

2) Leechpack

Leechpack is a similar server-side torrenting service. Leechpack not only supports torrent downloads but allow downloads files from all major file hosting services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Fileserve, Filefactory etc. Feed the torrent file via web interface and once the server gets the file torrent contents are downloaded to Leechpack’s severs in no time.

Leechpack cloud torrent service

You can view the speed at which files are downloaded, the data downloaded and remaining data. Once the severs finish leeching you can immediately download them to your computer using download manager.

Leechpack Torrenting

Features of Leechpack:

  1. Download files from popular free file hosting services.
  2. Download files privately and securely.
  3. Supports 17 different file hosting services.
  4. Seed files till the ratio is 1:1.
  5. SSL encrypted downloads.

3) Imageshack Drive

Imageshack Torrent drive is a sever-side torrenting service from the famous image hosting service Imageshack. Just like other cloud based torrent service Imageshack too allows leeching of .torrent file contents to their severs. You can rent disk space and bandwidth monthly to store files. Punch in the torrent URL or upload from your computer. Their high speed gigabit servers will then leech contents and store it for you to download via HTTP.

Imageshack Torrent drive

Features of Imageshack Drive:

  1. Fast gigabit servers fetch torrent contents quickly
  2. Quick screenshots of video files
  3. Start and stop downloads
  4. Seeds the files till 1:1 ratio


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