Websites to Cache Torrent Files on Cloud

Sharing and downloading files using BitTorrent technology is always fun unless you get caught for sharing copyrighted stuff. The torrent files you share or upload to tracking websites especially to a public torrent tracker doesn’t guarantee an infinite lifetime. So, it’s better if you can cache in the files online for later use. There are websites that accepts torrent files which can be searched if hash info is known. Helpful or torrent search aggregator services that can stay updated even when files are deleted from top tracking services.

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Websites to cache .Torrent files online :

Here is a list websites that allows users to cache in torrent files so that it can be used as a backup or a recovery service is hash info is available.

1) Torcache :

Torcache is a free website that allows BitTorrent community to store or cache torrent files online. Locate the torrent file on your disc and hit cache. Within seconds  you will have a copy of torrent on cloud. Something worth noting here is that the files are saved to their disk in gzip format. Torcache torrent cache

2) Torrage:

Torrage is an exact replica of the aforementioned service. Here also you can upload .torrent files to online servers which can be later retrieved if hash information is available. If the torrent is inactive for over 6 months it gets automatically deleted from their servers. Torrage Torrent cache


Just like Torrage and Torcache this website also accepts torrent files to its servers. Upload torrent files and then it can be retried using hash info of the file.

Zoinkit torrent cache


  1. There is no need to use this. Torrent files is already cached. Use only mozilla firefox. If you download a torrent file use SAVE FILE not OPEN WITH. A firefox download window will appear. If download complete right click the torrent under download window of firefox and select copy download link. Go to register for free and paste the one you just copy and press GET.

  2. if once deleted cache files means. is any option to restore that cached files in server.

  3. Great article. I’ve been looking at niche sites recently like which was rubbish! They make you jump through hoops to get an account claiming loads of exclusive content but you can get everything from the main torrent sites like pirate bay. is a total waste of time!

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