How to Add Facebook Account to Skype 5 Beta [WINDOWS]

Skype today integrated Facebook to their Skype Beta 5 edition for Windows. But the funny thing is you will  have a hard time finding where or how to integrate Facebook to Skype Beta 5. Maybe they can get away saying it’s still a beta version. That said here is a step by step guide to integrate Facebook to Skype 5 Beta. After adding Facebook contacts to Skype you can interact with Facebook friends from  Skype client.

Skype Beta 5 with a new interface includes other cool features like 10-way video calling, Offline messaging etc. You can post status updates, comment from within Skype, call your Facebook friends mobiles and landlines directly from the Skype Windows Client. Skyping is now worth the time.

Features of Skype Beta 5 are:

  1. 10-way group video calling
  2. Skype Home experience
  3. Offline instant messaging
  4. New contact search and add experience
  5. Enhanced call experience under problematic conditions
  6. Post call experience
  7. General User Interface refresh

Skype 5 Beta for Windows

Steps to integrate Facebook account to Skype Beta 5:

1) Download and install Skype Beta 5 for windows.

2) From menu click Contacts and select Import Contacts.

Skype Beta 5 with Facebook integration

3) Now under Imports Contacts window you will see Facebook login page where you can punch in your credentials and hit Import.

Add Facebook account to Skype

Wait for Skype to search your Facebook address book and find all Skype contacts.

Skype Facebook

4) Select the contacts you wish to add by selecting all or individually selecting and then click Add contacts.

Skype 5 Beta Facebook account integration

Now click Next which will take you to Invite window. You can either invite your friends or click Skip.

Skype 5 Beta Facebook feature

You will now have your Facebook friends on Skype client.

Skype 5 Beta Facebook friends

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  1. Shrikant says:

    Got Great Help!!!!!


  2. Michael Katz says:

    Is there a way to integrate Facebook with Skype Beta 5 for Mac..? I can’t seem to figure it out.

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