Turn off Facebook Group Notifications

Facebook introduced the feature called Facebook Group recently. Though a very useful feature that can help build a community around you and your business, lack of control over its features was annoying many out there. The Facebook Group notifications keep popping up often flooding your notifications tab and mail inbox. The option to turn off Facebook Group notifications which was not available till date has been added now. You can now turn off Facebook Group notifications. No more Facebook Group notification spam.

To turn off Facebook Group notifications you can head over to  the “Edit Settings” button on the group’s page. Can control Facebook Group member posts and various other notifications from there.

Facebook Group notifications

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  1. Li-Or says:

    Thanks! This was useful. No more bombardment from facebook group messages! 🙂

  2. pranny says:

    There is an application, Group Email Digest (http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=106947259372688) (http://digest.myblive.com) that provides you daily email digest of your facebook group. So, turn off the email option within the group, visit the app, and start getting email digest summary of the activities of groups. This way your mailbox will remain uncluttered and updated.

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