Top 5 Free Torrent Apps for Android Phones

Android as a mobile OS is blessed with plenty of apps. Recently Android market place crossed the 100K milestone successfully marching forwards. In fact Android is the only major competition to leaders in mobile apps, Apple Inc. Any mobile OS with feature rich apps can overcome the lack of hardware features to some extent. When it comes to file sharing Torrent apps for Android OS do exist. These torrent applications with the power of Android OS can turn phones out there into a download hub.

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List of free torrent apps available for Android :

Here is a cool list of FREE torrent apps available for Android devices,

1) Transdroid

Transdroid for Android OS is an app that can act as a remote control for the Torrent clients on your PC. Once installed on your Android phone Transdroid lets you add downloads remotely and it starts instantly on your computer. You can also search for torrents from within Transdroid. If you find an interesting product having a barcode you can capture it and the app searches the web for suitable torrent. You can also control the speed and performance of the download. All popular clients are supported, including µTorrent, Transmission, rTorrent, Vuze, Deluge and BitTorrent 6.

Transdroid torrent Android app

2) AndTorrent

AndTorrent for Android OS is an app that can download torrent contents right to your phone. Unlike Transdroid here all contents are directly stored on phone itself. AndTorrent supports features like Queuing, File priority and Torrent Search.

AndTorrent Torrent Android App


EZTV for Android  lists your favorite TV show and lets send the respective torrent files to your client on computer. This app supports queuing torrents on uTorrent. When you select ‘Send to uTorrent’  EZTV app will automatically queue the torrent file for you. It will save you time opening the browser and downloading the torrent file. Soon features including auto downloading via subscription of tv shows, notifications and support for other torrent sites will be implemented.

EZTV Torrent Android app

4) dTor

dTor Torrent app for Android can download any of the  available torrent files directly to your phone. dTor Android app supports multiple Torrent Downloads/Uploads, DHT Network support, WiFi/3G/4G. You can also Start, Stop and Delete Torrents files from the app. dTor can search many sites and give you detailed Torrent Stats for each torrent. Download dTor for Android from this forum.

dTor Torrent app Android

5) Remote Transmission

Remote Transmission app for Android lets you queue torrents to remote transmission client. All you need to do is activate transmission’s web client and the authentication. Being still in beta with Remote Transmission app you can view torrents list and pause or resume them. Soon you can expect more features, like adding or remove torrents and detail view for each torrent.

Remote Transmission Android Torrent App


  1. It is really a nice info that we can download files via torrents using our mobile… but i am sure that it will consumes lots of battery power…

  2. No matter whether I’m using my phone or my tablet, no matter what torrent app I’m using (tried three now), I can’t upload even a single byte. I download just fine, and on either my laptop or desktop, I don’t have a problem, but I’ve no luck sharing from the android platform. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Helpful Citizen says:

      Most mobile carriers will not have many ports open for security reasons, so others would not be able to connect and download from you… On a Wifi network it should work but I doubt these android clients have UPnP support so you would have to work out what port they use and forward that port on your router.

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