Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers

The latest entrant to mobile OS scene and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 OS successor ie Windows Phone 7 is slowly gaining market share. While it does that developers and enthusiasts around the globe are busy developing apps. As an end-user the first thing that you would probably do after owning Windows Phone 7 phone is tweak its looks. Changing your homescreen and lock screen wallpaper will make your device unique and funky.

Here is a cool collection of wallpapers optimized for Windows Phone 7 handset resolutions. All you have to do is right-click on the image and save it. Transfer it to your Windows Phone 7 device and set as wallpaper. You can click on the images below for an enlarged view.

List of 10 cool wallpapers for Windows Phone 7 :


Windows Phone 7 Wallpaper

2) Windows Phone 7 Wallpaper WP7


Windows Phone 7- WP7 HD Abstract



Windows Phone 7 Wallpaper



Windows Phone 7 logo




Windows Phone 7- WP7 Smoke wallpaper


Windows Phone 7 Abstract- WP7

8 )


Windows Phone 7- WP7 Fruits


Windows Phone 7- WP7 Water Drops

10) Windows Phone 7- WP7 flakes

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