Facebook Messaging – Featuring E-mail, IM and SMS

Facebook Messaging

Facebook event finally uncovered all the rumours and the much hyped features of Facebook’s new mystery service. The service known as Facebook Messaging is a mixture of features including E-mail, Chat (IM) and SMS.

It’s not e-mail.” It handles e-mail, IM, SMS and other ways of communication.

Three main features of the new Facebook Messaging product:

1. Seamless Messaging

2. Conversation History

3. Social Inbox

According to Facebook chat, text and email should all basically be one thing. They call it Seamless Messaging. This new feature of Facebook integrates all these to let users communicate with each other in multiple ways. The Conversation History feature of Facebook Messaging  will put all of your conversations in one place preserving all your message history.The Social Inbox feature is similar to priority inbox which Google introduced recently that can find your reading habits to suggests important mails. All filters messages, IM and E-mails from your FB friends are put in a special box. All other messages go in a second inbox. This works on iPhone/ iPad and via Facebook.com website.

Every Facebook user can get an @facebook.com email address. Your username is the same as your vanity profile name. But this is optional. If you don’t want it, non e-mail aspects of the service will work just fine without it. The Facebook Messaging also supports attachments, which is an extension of Facebook’s photo sharing capabilities.

Facebook Messaging interface

Facebook Messaging will roll out to users later today but the email feature will be invite only.

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