Create Custom Ringtones With ChevronWP7 for Windows Phone 7

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The first tool for jailbreaking ( or unlocking ) the all new Windows Phone 7 known as ChevronWP7 was made available days back. The ChevronWP7 tool enables sideloading of applications by “unlocking” the WP7 device. The same team has released a homebrew application for Windows Phone 7 called ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager that can set others audio files as ringtones apart from the already available ones.

ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager for Windows Phone 7 lets you set ringtones other than the stock tunes available on your device. It achieves this by unlocking your WP7 device with ChevronWP7 tool and then converting audio files in WMA format at 48KHz to XAP files using XAP application. You need to first convert audio files to WMA as the ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager supports only that format.

The applications has two components

  • Desktop application – used to build a custom XAP package with 5 custom ringtones you select from your computer(Required .NET 4.0 Framework)
  • XAP application – to be deployed to your WP7 to install custom ringtones to the system

With ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager you can set 5 custom ringtones. Note all audio files should be first converted to WMA. Also the audio files added to Windows Phone 7 using this tool cannot be accessed and played on a media player on WP7. Only setting as a ringtone option will be available.

ChevronWP7 WP7 Ringtone Manager

Download ChevronWP7 Custom Ringtone Manager

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Create Custom Ringtones With ChevronWP7 for Windows Phone 7

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