YouWave: Run Android Apps Without SDK on Windows PC

For running Android apps on computer you need the Android SDK software pack installed. Installing SDK kit on Windows is a lengthy time-consuming process. Also you may encounter errors while installing it. Not any more with this Windows executable app called YouWave.

Android on Windows

YouWave is a free app for Windows that can run Android apps. It basically is an executable software pack which contains all the components required for running Android apps on Windows. This is Android 2.1-update 1 packed along with few other sample apps. You can try apps before loading them onto your phone, and you can multi-task with other desktop applications. The YouWave app sports a larger screen resolution and it’s performance is better than Android Emulator in SDK. The .apk files can be placed in a folder for it to appear in YouWave or you can install from the Android browser within YouWave.

For free .APK files – link

If you already have Virtualbox virtualization software installed on your PC it might conflict with YouWave app. You will be warned and the Virtualbox files will be backed to another folder.

YouWave Virtualbox

The YouWave app creates a new directory for storing app .APK files preloaded and the files you download.

YouWave APK directory

YouWave Android Emulator

YouWave APK apps folder

Watch video of YouWave for Windows in action :

Download YouWave for Windows

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YouWave: Run Android Apps Without SDK on Windows PC

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