How to Enable Google Cloud Print on your Computer

Google Cloud Print

As promised the Google Cloud Print is now available for public access. With Google Cloud Print service you can connect your printer to the cloud enabling print on the go. With suitable print ready web and mobile apps you can print documents via cloud from phones by accessing the web connected online printers. The cloud print service works with Google Chrome browser support. Google Cloud printing depends on whether the printer is a cloud-aware printer or not. Also by default Google Chrome OS will use Google Cloud Print for all printing. Just activate the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome and your printer will automatically be available to you from Google Cloud Print enabled web and mobile apps.

The Google Cloud Print Connector is now available for Windows XP, 7 and Vista and support for Mac and Linux is in pipeline.

How to Enable Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome:

1) Download and install latest Google Chrome version. Launch it.

Google Chrome Dev

2) Click the wrench icon in the upper right hand corner of Google Chrome. Go to ‘Options’ and select ‘Under the Hood’ tab.

Chrome options

Google Cloud Print Option

3) Hit ‘Sign in to Google Cloud Print’ and sign in using your Google credentials.

Google Cloud Print Login

4) After signing in you will see a confirmation page.

Google Cloud Print Test

Now when you are logged in to Google Cloud Print account and hit, print the Cloud Print manager will display printer connected to computer. It can be accessed via cloud from a remote place too.

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