Download Skype for Samsung Galaxy S With Install to SD Card Feature


Finally Skype mobile client for the Android based Samsung Galaxy S is here. The updated Skype version for Android devices now supports Samsung Galaxy S phones running Android OS 2.2 or later.

The Skype app for Samsung Galaxy S also supports install to SD card feature by which the app can reside on your external SD card. This is a great news for users who don’t want  to slow down their device and free up internal memory for other apps. The data Skype uses while the app is running is cached in the internal memory of Samsung Galaxy S and would mount upto 15MB of space.

Skype Android

Head over to on your phone, or scan the QR code below:

Skype mobile QR code


  1. gskussd

  2. good luck

  3. Elias Anibueze says:

    Please guide me on how to download and install skype on my samsung galaxy S. I am based in Lagos Nigeria. Thank you.

  4. cannot download skype on Galaxy S 9000. The link sent by sms doesn’t work.

  5. Great, however for those of us in Japan, the website link STILL doesn’t work.
    Eleven of us have tried through my network of friends and acquaintances throughout Japan, along with two friends in China and three in Australia.

    Nice to see it’s there for SOME of you, however for the rest of us, it’s still a dead link.

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