Hack to Download Windows Phone 7 Apps from Marketplace [VIDEO]

WP7 Marketplace Hacked

The folks over at WPcentral has exposed a weakness in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace using which you can download apps from app store and side load it to WP7 phones offline. The security of the apps can be by passed and  loaded to an unlocked WP7 device. The app called ‘FreeMarketplace’ is used to achieve this hack.

Here is a video that demonstrates the working of ‘FreeMarketplace’ app that can download any app from Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Marketplace. The apps are extracted as .xap file and loaded to WP7 device using ‘Tom XAP Installer’.

WP7 Marketplace Cracked

WP7- Tom XAP Installer

Watch video showcasing how to crack WP7 Marketplace :

via @WPCentral

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