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It’s a known fact that Google displays only 60-65 characters of post title in Google search results page. So it’s a good practise to limit words or characters to 65. While you can manually count the characters in post title that is not recommended as it consumes time and is cumbersome. Obviously the next option is to search for a plugin that can do the job for you. Yes, Post Title Counter WordPress plugin is here.

Post Title Counter WordPress plugin counts the characters in post or page title in realtime and display the count. After installing the plugin you can set the character limit from settings page and then see the counter to the right side of post edit page. You can clear post title with the click of a single button near the counter.

Post Title Counter WP

The counter turns red when your post title count exceeds the set limit. Remove characters or words to return to safe limit.

Post Title Counter WordPress WP Plugin

Download Post Title Counter WordPress plugin

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