How to Download & Install VLC Player for iOS Devices from Cydia Store

VLC Cydia App

The Apple app store gatekeepers once again proved their skills. Yes, VLC media player for iOS devices has been pulled from official Apple apps gallery and was shown the exit door leading to Cydia Store. The licensing agreement being the reason. While VLC complies with GPL, Apple sticks to their own DRM rules. Conflict lead VLC to opt for third-party apps store for iOS devices ie Cydia. If you own an iOS iDevice that is already jailbroken you may go ahead and install this app now.

Here is how to add the repo and install VLC player on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in no time.

Steps to install VLC video player app from Cydia store [Jailbreak required]:

1. Load Cydia App

2. Tap the manage Tab> Sources

3. Tap the Edit button and then Add button

4. Punch in the following Cydia/APT URL-

Cydia VLC Repo

5. Tap Add Source to install VLC media player.

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  1. Menino says:

    I installed in cydia There are apps in this but vlc media player is missing. I have 2G iPhone Kindly guide me. Thank you

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