FullScreen Cydia iPad App for Safari Browser with Multitouch Gestures

Cydia iPad App

Safari being the stock browser natively available on all Apple devices does a pretty good job in rendering pages on small screen expect for Adobe flash. That said you cannot add any cool extra features to Safari and enhance productivity. While there is nothing much you can gain on small screen iPhone or iPod Touch, added features on iPad with big screen is a boost. If you own a jailbroken iPad with Cydia store installed you can take your browsing experience to the next level with Fullscreen app for iPad available in Cydia.

Fullscreen for Cydia is available for iPad running iOS 3.2.x or 4.2.x. This app includes a FullScreen mode with multi-touch browser gestures. FullScreen app for iPad adds gestures like two and three finger swipes, three finger tab, shake etc.  Assign different Actions to the Gestures like switch tabs, go back, go forward, create new tab, close current tab etc. This is very useful if you want to use Apple iPad with one hand or wish to multitask while doing other works.

The Fullscreen app is available in Cydia store via BigBoss repo for US $1.99.

Features of Fullscreen Cydia app for iPad :

  1. FullScreen mode
  2. Gestures
  3. Actions
  4. Intuitive

Fullscreen Cydia iPad App

Fullscreen for iPad Safari app :

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