Hostizzle- Free US Based VPN to Access Hulu, Netflix, CBS Videos etc.

Free Hulu US VPN

Free US based VPN services are rare these days. Also if at all a free VPN service exists it will be crowded with bandwidth users from around the globe. The reason being many geo location restricted services from US. The popular among them are, CBS videos, ABC videos, Pandora , Rhapsody, Google Voice etc. If you are living outside US and wish to stream videos online or listen to music only way to achieve that is by making use of VPN services. Here is a new free US based VPN service.

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Hostizzle is an US based VPN service that offers OpenVPN  for free with 100 GB monthly data transfer. They lets you stream data over 1 Gbps port while enjoying a unique US based IP addresses. Hostizzle also allows torrent downloading and VoIP services to pass through. All data passing through their tunnel are encrypted for enhanced security. Too good to be free.

Features and advantages of Hostizzle VPN :

  1. VPN accounts are an encrypted tunnel between your computer and one of our servers.
  2. The only free OpenVPN service with outstanding bandwidth
  3. Instant access
  4. US Server
  5. Security for Hotspot and WIFI
  6. Unmetered traffic over fast 1Gbps port
  7. DDOS protected
  8. Bypass traffic filtering
  9. Bypass eavesdropping
  10. Easy online ordering abroad
  11. Global access to VOIP
  12. Protection of personal data
  13. Works with all applications
  14. Hide real IP address
  15. Unique USA IP address

Steps to install and enable Hostizzle VPN on computer :

1. Download and install OpenVPN client for free.

2. Download Hostizzle OpenVPN key by entering your email ID and answering security question. Now click on “Get VPN codes” to download zip file. Download key files only as you already have Open VPN.

3. Unzip the contents of the archive to the OpenVPN /config folder located at C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config (Windows).

4. Launch OpenVPN client and right-click on the tray icon to select ‘connect.’

You will be able to successfully connect Open VPN client and watch or listen to your favorite contents. Please note that for free service users the license key will be valid for 30 days only. After that you have download and replace files again as mentioned in steps above. Hostizzle also have premium service which you can opt for if you run out of 100 GB bandwidth or don’t want to download key every 30 days.

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  1. Mike magante says:

    Good day,im living here in muscat,oman. Unfortunately,the internet provider that I am using blocks all the videocalling. I am using an Ipad2,I want to know if hotspotshield works on it,if yes,what should I put in the vpn configuration. I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot

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