OwnSkin- Create Your Own Interactive Android Live Wallpaper [DIY]

Android Live Wallpaper Maker

Google Android’s Live wallpaper feature is one feature that make Android OS unique and attractive. With Live wallpapers you can have rich lively pics as screen wallpapers that can suite the occasion or season passing by. While thousands of Live wallpapers are already available via Android Marketplace if you wish to have your creativity heard loud here is how to create live wallpapers quickly and easily.

OwnSkin is a free Android Live wallpaper online creator with which you can build awesome interactive live wallpapers from computer and then load them to your Android phone from ‘DiY Live Wallpaper’ app. The OwnSkin web creator lets you add own wallpapers, stickers, etc and customize it. You can also add clocks, battery, calendar, compass etc with animation and audio to make it more elegant. After customizing you can add the live wallpaper to their online library accessible from ownskin Android app. OwnSkin supports screen resolutions including 24×320, 240×400, 320×480, 480×800, 480×854, 600×1024. That covers all common resolutions you see on popular Android devices like Nexus One, Nexus S, Droid, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc.

Install the ‘DiY Live Wallpaper’ Android app from Marketplace. You can get the app by searching ‘DiY Live Wallpaper‘ in Android Marketplace or add OTA from here. Once after installing you can search and download your live wallpaper. Use the in-phone editor to customize to your own style.

Ownskin Creator

DIY Live Wallpaper

Tweak OwnSkin live wallpaper on your Android phone :

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