Run Firefox Fennec Mobile Browser on Desktop Computer

Fennec Firefox

The mobile edition of the Firefox browser is available for Android and Maemo mobile phones out there. Though not as popular as Opera for mobile devices, Fennec loads webpages pretty decently and the add-ons are always a boost. The Firefox 4 Beta 5 version is now available for download and Mozilla has also made available a desktop version of the mobile browser for testing on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

With desktop version of Fennec mobile browser you can test  how the browser render webpages from your desktop. The very same mobile browser is emulated on Windows, Linux and Mac OS with software packages available. The browser includes Tabbed view, Bookmarks, History, Download manager, Firefox sync and also supports zooming by using mouse or laptop trackpad. You can add browser add-ons to this mobile version of Firefox too. The Firefox sync is very useful if you want to import what you have saved on desktop version of Firefox to mobile browser.


Fennec Compixels

Firefox Fennec Desktop


Fennec Preferences


Download Firefox 4 for Desktop PC –

  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac OS X


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  1. Eka Dana says:

    Very Good mobile browser at My PC.
    Very usefull

  2. manish says:

    i want mozilla browser

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