How to Check-in Using Foursquare From Desktop Browser Without GPS

Location based services are ruling the web now with Foursquare on top of the table. Many companies have already tied up with Foursquare to offer rewards when users check-in to their stores.

Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. By “checking in” via a smart phone app or SMS, users share their location with friends while collecting points and virtual badges.

Anyone using a smart phone can check-in using Foursquare app. It would be more cool if your phone has in-build GPS chip for instant location and check-in. The Foursquare app is available for all major platform including iOS, Android, Symbian. What if you don’t have a mobile phone and all you have is access to desktop or laptop. While you can always login via Foursquare mobile or web interface on desktop browser, the add-ons available make check-ins way lot easier. Thanks to add-ons available for Firefox and Chrome browser.

Foursquare Add-on for Mozilla Firefox :

FouresquareFox is a Firefox browser add-on residing on browser just like a toolbar. Once after installing and logging in you can check-in to Foursquare easily. The add-ons allows you Shout, Check-in, Accept friend requests, Search etc. This tool auto pulls your location-based on IP address so you don’t have to search a lot and can check-in quickly. Though Foursquare for Firefox looks like a toolbar all features open up as a separate window. Very useful if you are a power Foursquare user.

Foursquare Firefox

FoursquareFox Friends

Foursquare extension for Google Chrome :


Foursquare for Google Chrome browser resides in top bar and when clicked presents a mobile like interface from where you can check-in via Foursquare quickly. Foursquare for Chrome allows you to Check-in, Search friends, Shout to Facebook or Twitter, Change location etc. Just install this Chrome extension and login using your Foursquare account. Good to go. Please note that due to Foursquare restrictions, check-ins through this plugin will not count towards mayorships.


Foursquare Chrome

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