LRPad- Remote Control Adobe Lightroom 3 on Windows & Mac OS Using iPad

iPad Lightroom

If Adobe Photoshop is for graphic designers and artists, then Adobe Lighroom is for photographers out there. Adobe Lightroom 3 with plethora of features makes photo correction easy. While you as a photographer can adjust each and every element of a photo, the desktop interface be it Windows or Mac OS X will always be cluttered owing to the fact that it’s for professionals. Not anymore we say with LRpad for iPad.

LRpad for iPad is an app that lets you control and edit photos with Adobe Lightroom 3 running on a desktop. LRpad app is an intuitive interface for iPad from where you can edit photos on desktop. The LRpad app connects wirelessly over WiFi to desktop running Adobe Lightroom 3 to take control of the software remotely.

LRpad consists of 5 tabs namely Basic, Detail, Color, Camera and Metadata. Each element of photo can be varied by selecting tabs and then scrolling the multitouch iPad interface. For controlling Lightroom 3 from iPad you need a plugin on desktop. Windows and OS X plugin versions are free download at LRpad for iPad is available for $9.99 in App Store.


Lightroom iPad

LRpad iPad

Watch LRPad Adobe Lightroom 3 controller for iPad :


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