Top 3 Scroll to Top jQuery WordPress Plugins

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Maintaining  a simple and user-friendly interface for a blog is considered holy. One can not only make visitors happy, he/she can decrease the blogs bounce rate and increase visibility. There are various ways in which you can impress your daily blog visitors and so-called plugins play the  major role in achieving that on a WordPress platform.

The ‘Scroll to Top’ jQuery plugins help you place an icon towards the blogs bottom right corner and  can also provide a nice smooth transition effect. These are plugins and does not require any expertise to setup. Here are the three WordPress jQuery plugins that can do the trick for you.

1) Scroll to Top ButtonThis is the plugin which we are using here on and you can already see it while you scroll down. Developed by Reza Erauansyah its does the simple task of scroll up when you click on the arrow(  bottom right ). The icon, scroll speed and image appearance location can be changed from WordPress dash.

Scroll to top jQuery compixels

2) UItoTop jQuery Plugin – Developed Matt Varone this  plugin does the scrolling job easily. There is no need  to add any extra html markup for this to work. One thing to note is that this plugin will work only when JavaScript is on. You can even change to icon with text on it from dashboard.

UItoTop jQuery scroll to top

3) jQuery Plugin: Scroll to Top v3Developed by Craid wilson this jQuery plugin adds a fading scroll to top link with animated scrolling. You can choose the position so that the icon  appears only after the user has scrolled down to that location.

jQuery Plugin Scroll to Top V3

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4 Responses

  1. These tools look great, and must give the user a much more easy time when they are installed

  2. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  3. Sunil Jain says:

    Hi Binoy 🙂
    I really appreciate these plugins , but don’t you think , it might effect the loading speed of the blog?? 🙂 :).

    • Binoy xavier says:

      Hi Sunil, thanks for visiting. Considering the fact that google is now indexing based on page load speeds too it might be a matter of concern. But for long pages these plugins are required for easily scrolling to top.

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