Facebook v2.0 Beta for BlackBerry Featuring Chat, Notifications Available Now

Facebook BlackBerry Mobile

RIM has released the updated version of Facebook app for BlackBerry phones with the much-anticipated real-time chat feature. With this Research In Motion (RIM) has pwned other premium app services that offered Facebook chat. So, you don’t have to spend money for this anymore.

Facebook v2.0 for BlackBerry along with chat features an improved UI with notifications bar. RIM has also improved the news feed and navigation through the app is easy now. With Facebook v2.0 you can now view friends profile info too. Facebook v2.0 is now available for BlackBerry OS 6.0 and later once it is out of beta in May 2011 it will be available for BB phones down to version OS 4.3.

Head over to BlackBerry Beta Zone to download Facebook v2.0 for BlackBerry devices now.

New features in Facebook version 2 Beta app for Blackberry :

  1. Facebook Chat
  2. Improved News Feed
  3. New Navigation Control
  4. Notifications Bar
  5. External Notifications
  6. New Profile UI and Profile Information Viewing


Facebook 2 Blackberry UI


Facebook 2 Like Blackberry


Facebook 2 BlackBerry Notifications

Via @BlackBerry Blog

3 Responses

  1. phakama says:

    I just can’t seem to download facebook V2.0 I have tryed several times but no luck I really dnt knw what to do knw..plz help

  2. Vicky Jaze says:

    I wanna download it but can’t see any stuff like download on here.

  3. frankie says:

    Well I want to download it but there’s not download button!

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