BitNami- Quickly Install WordPress 3.1 on Windows, Linux or Mac OS

WordPress Windows, Mac, Linux


Installing WordPress package locally on your computer for offline testing of themes, plugin, layout etc can be time-consuming be it Windows, Linux or Mac. The WAMP or LAMP configuration requires you to manually configure PHP, Apache and MySQL database on Windows and Linux respectively. While doing that will be a cake walk for programmers but if you are no way an experienced then here is what you should use.

BitNami is a free WordPress 3.1 software pack for Windows, Linux or Mac OS with PHP, Apache, phpMyAdmin and MySQL included for running offline. Unlike manual WordPress set up this tool includes all necessary softwares which can be installed in few clicks. Once after installing BitNami on your computer you can login to WordPress dashboard just like what you do with online version. This easy to set up tool is very useful if you are developer or WordPress enthusiast who frequently tweaks your blog.

BitNami is available in two formats: stand-alone Stacks and Modules. The Stacks available for Windows, Linux and Mac has everything you need to locally host a blog on your computer. But when you want to run more than one application, you will have to install Modules on top of it.

Steps to install BitNami WordPress pack on Windows desktop :

1. Download the BitNami base LAMPMAMP or WAMP stack.

2. Click to launch BitNami installer on your computer.

BitNami Setup

3. Check ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ and click Next.

BitNami PhpMyAdmin

4. By default BitNami pack will be installed in C:\Program Files\BitNami WordPress Stack. You can change it by clicking the folder icon on right side. Click Next.

BitNami Folder


5. Create a BitNami admin account by punching in your details and click Next.

BitNami Admin

6. Configure WordPress installation by typing your Blog name. Leave the Hostname field unchanged. Hit Next.

BitNami Configure


7. BitNami will now be installed on your local hard disk and click Finish.

BitNami Installed

8. Launch BitNami from Windows start by searching for ‘BitNami WordPress Stack’.

BitNami Start

The BitNami WordPress stack will now run on browser interface and you can click the link Access BitNami WordPress Stack link. Now login with the username and password you used while registering. Done!

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