Top 10 Free Barcode Scanner Apps for Android Phones

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The Barcodes are being extensively put to use in our daily life now. Be it the book you buy or a food item you can see barcodes on it. These coded images can make information handling easier. Based on the symbols used barcodes can be broadly divided into 1D and 2D barcodes. The pretty new entrant to market the Microsoft tag can hold much more info above all.

barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products

Here is an ultimate list of Top 10 free barcode scanner apps for Android phones. If you missed our earlier post Top 10 Free Media Player Apps for Android Phones you can check that too.


1) ShopSavvy Barcode Reader

The best barcode scanner out there for Android phones. Just point the camera at a barcode and the app scans it. Once you hear a beep sound the app will fetch you the price list of the item. ShopSavvy can also scan QR codes.

Shopsavvy barcode scanner for android

2) Barcode Scanner

This app from the Zing team lets you scan both Barcodes and QR codes. All you have to do is aim your phone’s camera at the code. This app can even search for a phrase within a book. The QR codes containing URLs, contacts, words etc can easily be scanned.

Zxing barcode scanner for android

3) Stickybits

With Stickybits you can attach a video, image, songs etc info to a barcode and then share it with your friends. They can scan barcodes to retrieve the information. You will be notified when they scan codes. You can attach any digital content.

Stickybits barcode scanner for android

4) Shopper

Shopper for android is an app from Google that can scan book covers, DVD covers etc and barcodes. You can scan the books to quickly get more info. This app supports voice search too.

Shopper barcode scanner for android

5) Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag lets you scan their proprietary tags known as High Capacity Color Barcode. These information rich tags can hold much more data than the 1D barcodes and QR codes. You can sign in to Tag Manager to create or edit your Tags, manage Categories and view Reports.

Microsoft Tag barcode scanner for android

6) lynkee Barcode Reader

Lynkee barcode reader can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes for you. It can quickly decode QR codes and fetch you the correct info in no time.

Lynkee barcode scanner for android

7) Clipbot

Clipbot for android phone is a clipboard that can hold all decoded info from barcodes for you. The clipboard is developed to stack the info one above the other without the previously decoded info getting replaced.

Clipbot barcode scanner for android

8 ) PhiSq Scanner

The PhiSq scanner is actually a fun way of using Foursquare. You can now check-in to your favorite places by just aiming your phone cam to the QR codes stuck on the entrance. The app decodes the info and then shares the check-in info with your friends automatically.

PhiSq Foursquare QR code scanner for android


9) BeeTagg QR Reader

BeeTagg QR Reader for android  can decode 2D barcodes like BeeTagg Code, QR Code and Datamatrix. Once the code is deciphered  you will get the related content in web browser. You can also generate your own 2D barcodes.

beetagg barcode scanner android
10) My2cents

Mycents for android is a Barcode Scanner and twitter mashup. You can scan codes to read the user comments, ratings etc about that product. You can even Recommend your favorites or ask questions via twitter.

my2cents barcode scanner for android

Do check out these apps and let us know your comments 🙂

7 Responses

  1. Kari says:


    You know that picture of the qr code in the sand actually works!

    still looking for one that just sends it to memo so it’ll sync to outlook.

  2. While I am happy to see you writing about bar codes, I do want to correct you on one misinterpretation. Microsoft Tag is NOT a high density data carrier (ie. It does not carry a lot of information). In fact is actually a pretty inefficent symbology. What is actually encoded in the triangles is a link to the data… I think something like a 10 digit number. Don’t believe me? Using your android phone, download the tag reader and scan a Microsoft tag. Now put your phone in airplane mode and do the same. Notice the number? That is all that is encoded. Want further proof? Encode a short string (try “hi”) and then encode a long url. If Microsoft Tag were encoding actual data the symbol size would HAVE to be different.

    It should be noted that I don’t have anything against Microsoft Tag… I just want to make sure people are not giving it more credit than it deserves. However if you want a quality symbology that will work well with cell phones consider QR Code. It has international standards support and doesn’t require propriatarty software to decode.


  3. Charles Fanning says:

    Are there any Android apps. out there that are designed for working in a supermarket? Specifically, I would be looking for a scanning app. that would identify the product and then would record shelf price and quantity on the shelf. Any help would be appreciated.

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