Windows 7 Gmail & Hotmail Notifier Sidebar Gadget with WP7 Tile Skin

Windows 7 WP7 Gadget

The sidebar gadgets in Windows 7 is a great way to extend the desktop capabilities thus improving productivity. There are thousands of gadgets already available in store in which the ones that stand out in crowd grabs attention. We had earlier covered HTC Sense clock and WP7 Metro UI weather sidebar gadgets for Windows 7. Here is yet another cool looking widget for Windows 7.

Mail Preview Gadget for Windows 7 is sidebar gadget that brings forth Windows Phone 7 like blue coloured tiled interface. This gadget acts as a desktop email notifier that can notify when a new message hits your Gmail and Hotmail inbox. Once after downloading and enabling the gadget you can add upto 5 accounts. In the configuration panel you need to provide POP/ IMAP protocol details to let the gadget pull mails from Gmail or Hotmail accounts successfully. Make sure you have enabled POP and IMAP from your email providers settings panel.


Mail Preview Gadget

In “Options” click “Accounts” to create a new account. Add name and then update the necessary fields to pull emails. Also sound alert can be enabled if required. Hit “Ok” and then go to “Layout” tab to add this newly created account to gadget interface. Similarly upto 5 accounts can be created.

Mail Preview Gadget for Windows 7


After adding accounts you can click on respective tab on receiving new alerts. The pop-up window will show unread items, receiver details with email subject. View, zoom in and zoom out to read emails.


Mail Preview Gadget Email

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