Windows 8 Build 7850 Milestone 1 Leaked Screenshots

Windows 8 Logo

As reported the early Windows 8 Build 7850 has been leaked. The 2.4 GB pre beta Milestone 1 version is being circulated among forums and is expected to hit torrent sites soon (available now). And now the screenshots of Build 7850 has been uploaded by a BetaArchive member.

Here are the screenshots of the leaked Windows 8 build 6.1.7850.0 available now. As you can see being pre beta early build it looks like Windows 7 with just the User Tile add-on feature. The Aero Lite or Auto-Colourization feature is not visible in these screenshots.


Windows 8 Desktop


Windows 8 Start Menu


Windows 8 Explorer

Windows 8 UserTile


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