How to Upgrade Facebook Comments Box to New Version 2

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Facebook rolled out many new features to their Facebook Comments Box social plugin today. Aiming at increasing the traffic to the blog that houses it, Facebook is introducing improved news feed story, comments permalink, Graph API, new dark colors scheme option etc. With better API control you can export, search and re-order comments. The new Facebook Comments Box version 2 plugin can also publish a full news feed story with an image and big font.

Other features include log in using Hotmail account. Now apart from Yahoo!, AOL, Facebook you can also login using Hotmail account. Check this Facebook blog post to learn how to tweak comments social plugin.


Facebook Comments Box Dark


Upgrade to Facebook Comments Box v2:

If you are using Facebook Comments Box social plugin version 1, add  ‘migrated=1′ to the <fb:comments> tag to migrate to version 2.

Please note:

  • All old versions will be forcibly migrated on April 29th.
  • Existing comments will be re-ordered using the new relevancy ranking.
  • No more CSS customization option.

Source: Facebook Blog

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  1. Jade says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the post.
    Please explain where the ‘migrated=1′ goes with regards to the tag. I’m a bit confused. Is there anyway you can give an example of how it looks together?


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