Best Free AirPlay iPad Apps for Streaming Audio and Video to Apple TV

Apple iPad AirPlay Apps


With the advent of Apple iOS 4.3 we saw a cool new feature called AirPlay hitting Apple iDevices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Airplay is the technology that allows you to stream audio and video from your iPad to Apple TV or other AirPlay enabled devices to watch the content on a big screen. The AirPlay sender device can play media to an AirPlay receiver device over a WiFi network.

Here is a cool list of best free Apple iPad apps that supports AirPlay protocol for streaming audio and video content to Apple TV. All the apps mentioned here supports AirPlay enabled devices including external speakers, Apple TV, Mac and PC.


1. TED for iPad

The TED app lets you watch video talks of the most influential people from different walks of life including Technology, Medical, Education etc. There are more than 700 TEDTalk videos are available on iPad app now. TED videos can be watched based on popularity, time of upload, related videos etc. The app supports 3G and WiFi connectivity for streaming videos continuously. The recent update introduced AirPlay support with which you can stream TED videos to Apple TV and enjoy the big screen experience.


TED iPad

2. CNN App for iPad

The Cable News Network (CNN) iPad app lets you watch live video of breaking news along with other news categorized into Technology, World News, Entertainment etc. The high quality hourly video and photo updates and social media integration is a boost. The AirPlay support ensures that you get the best experience while watching the news as and when it unfolds on your Apple TV.

CNN iPad App

3. Squrl for iPad

Squrl for iPad is a video discovery app that lets you watch content from multiple providers including NetFlix, YouTube, TED, Hulu, Vimeo etc. The videos can be bookmarked or shared with your friends by emailing or on Twitter and Facebook. You can also receive alerts of new videos and shows as they become available. The AirPlay support ensures that you get the best experience on Apple TV.

Squrl iPad

4. ShowYou for iPad

Showyou for iPad is a free social video app that lets you watch the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Vodpod. The Showyou video grid displays a mashup of all videos from friends on social networking websites. Showyou videos can be shared on social networks including Facebook and Twitter easily with a tap. Enable AirPlay and choose Apple TV as the output source to watch ShowYou videos on big screen.

ShowYou iPad

5. NPR for iPad

NPR for iPad is an app that supplies unlimited newscasts from NPR, live stations and on-demand streams. NPR provides news related to vast variety of topics including Technology, Science, Health, Arts & Life, Music etc. This app also lets you download stories for offline reading. Bookmark your favorite stations or find them based on location via GPS. With AirPlay support you can listen to newscasts and other radio broadcasts on Apple TV or AirPlay enabled external speakers.

NPR iPad AirPlay

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