FXChrome- Chrome Like Theme Persona for Firefox 4 Browser

Firefox Chrome Mashup

The latest version of the popular web browser went public recently with plethora of features to offer. The much improved Firefox 4 with new UI and advanced security is here. With Firefox 4, Mozilla introduced a much simple interface with a Firefox menu button on top of the web browser. The lack of title bar and presence of incognito mode ports Chrome like feel to Firefox 4. But what if you want the looks of Chrome, and the customization power of Firefox 4.

FXChrome is a Firefox 4 persona that brings forth the feel and looks of Google Chrome browser. With FXChrome persona you can get Chrome theme on Firefox 4 default theme or any third-party add-on themes available in store. So basically FXChrome Persona is like applying a skin to already existing theme on Firefox. FXChrome supports Firefox 4.0b12 onwards up to Firefox 4 RC. This theme can used as an alternative for Chromifox Firefox theme which expired with support only till Firefox 3.6.


FXChrome Firefox Persona

Install FXChrome Persona theme in Firefox 4

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