Windows 8 to Get Touch Based Account Login Screen? [Video]

Windows 8 Touch Login


Things can’t get more exciting. While we have the leaked Windows 8 Build 7850 M1 on internet and Milestone 3 screenshots available in wild, this new video uploaded on YouTube is worth watching. Windows 8 to get touch based login screen? Though the build details are not available it is quite clear from the video that one can either use mouse or if the screen is touch enabled you can just hit the pattern to login.

This feature may be a specially baked version for tablet devices. With Kinect and cloud integration already detected in leaked Windows 8 version this touch based login screen will be a cherry on top of the cake. Fun time ahead.


Windows 8 Metro


Windows 8 with touch login:

Update : The video uploader apparently belongs to MyDigitalLife forum. Kudos to the uploader.


    • Hey Dunkin, I got this from Youtube only as i am monitoring round the clock. I have linked to MDL whenever i got a link from there. I have updated the post. Let peace prevail.

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