Windows 8 Build 7955 Leaked Screenshots & Video

Windows 8 White Logo

Update: Latest screenshots added here (New).

Now that the 32-bit  Windows 8 Build 7955 (Ultimate) has been leaked and made available on torrent sites we have screenshots and videos available revealing more of what the Redmond based software giant is cooking as they gear up for Windows 8 release expected in early 2012. Already features life Ribbon UI, Full DWM (Hide Blur), Application Folder, Task Manager, Pattern Logon has been unearthed by hackers and unlock tools made available. Check this post here on how to unlock hidden features in Windows 8 Build 7955.

Here are few screenshots and videos of this particular Build 7955 made available by various forum members and websites. Do check out our complete coverage on Windows 8 here.

Screenshots of Windows 8 Build 7955:

Windows 8 “Logon Pattern” which was demoed recently is shown off in this screenshot and is believed to be available as a hidden feature.

Windows 8 Pattern Logon

Windows 8 History Vault is believed to be available in Build 7955 as a backup and restore feature, similar to Time Machine on Apple Mac OS X.

Windows 8 History Vault

Another featured that can be unlocked is the “Immersive Browser” featuring a Metro style UI with less options.

Windows 8 Immersive Browser

Watch the videos of Windows 8 Build 7955:

Video tour of Windows 8 Build 7955:

Video of Black Screen of Death (BSoD):

Video of mouse effects & gestures:

Video of Metro OOBE UI:

Credits: Winrumors, Neowin, Windows8Center

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  1. totalreal says:

    it is totally real because the youtube video was removed by microsoft!

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