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Facebook Send

Last year we saw Facebook introducing the “Like” button for blogs and websites which helped in content promotion. And recently Facebook even went a step forward and introduced Facebook Comments what according them increases blog reader engagement by 4 times. While both Like and Comments plugins broadcasts online activities to your Facebook timeline, there may be a situation where you wish to share or send an interesting finding with selected friends. And this when with options turns worthwhile. Introducing all new Facebook Send button for blogs and websites.

Facebook Send lets blog or website owners embed a piece of code to have Send button on posts or promo pages. The Facebook Send button allows users to privately share the news with selected friends via email or Facebook messages. Also you can broadcast messages to a Facebook group. Once after adding Facebook send button to blog or website hitting the button opens a small pop up where you can type a small message to send the link to friends. Facebook Send auto-suggests friends and Groups so that you can avoid searching through your email directory.

Facebook Send Demo

Steps to add Facebook Send button to blogs or websites:

There are two ways by which you can add Facebook Send button to blogs or websites. Either you can edit the existing Facebook Like code to get combined Facebook Send and Like on web pages or get a standalone Send button.

Get a combined Like and Send button

If you wan to have both Facebook Like and Send button side-by-side on a single page then edit the existing Facebook Like plugin code. Just add “send=true” as an attribute to the Like button. Note that XFBML users can add this attribute to get Send button next to Like button whereas iFrame version must be upgraded to XFBML for having this setup.

Get a standalone Send button

To add a standalone Facebook Send button head over to Facebook Send plugin page and add URL, select Font, Color scheme. Hit “Get Code” to get embed code for your blog or website.

FB Send Plugin

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