Windows 8 Metro UI Connection Settings Hints Tablet OS Version [Video]

Windows 8 Wireless

Back when Windows 8 Build 7955 video was leaked the presence of Metro design was felt all over the OS. Especially the start menu had a perfect Metro UI. Now that this particular Windows 8 Build 7955 has been leaked and is available in wild more features are being unlocked. More evidence of Metro design and a possible Windows 8 Tablet OS version is available from this video uploaded by a Windows enthusiast.

The main System Settings menu includes General, Time Zone, Search, Wireless settings from where many features can be enabled or disabled. The presence of GPS, Mobile broadband and Bluetooth sub menu is a clear indication that Windows 8 will be available on portable tablet devices. This along with piece of code unearthed by Tom Warren can be a strong indication of ARM based Tablet OS in  making.

Windows 8 Time Zone

Windows 8 Devices Control Panel


Watch video tour of Windows 8 System Settings Menu:

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