Windows 8 Live Cloud Integration Confirmed as Another Screenshot Surfaces

Windows 8 White Logo

The rumored Windows Live integration in Windows 8 OS can be confirmed as yet another screenshot has been leaked. This new screenshot reveals the existence of cloud integration in Windows 8 with which users can use a single online ID and password to log on to multiple computers running Windows 8. Also the term “Windows 8” used in account options suggests that Microsoft would not be using any other name for this version of  Windows OS.

It is clear from this image that an option to easily recover passwords and auto sign-in to various websites will be in place. Windows 8 also promises personalized settings for both the OS and installed apps.

The leaked screenshot reveals the following text,

You need a single online ID and its password to log on to your computers that are running Windows 8. When you log on, you’ll get:

  • Personalized settings for Windows
  • Personalized experiences for your programs
  • Automatic sign-in to your websites and programs
  • Easy online password recovery if you forget it

Windows 8 Online ID


Thanks Ankur from  Windows8Beta

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