Windows Store Features and Color Logo Available Now

Windows App Store Logo

Last week saw more details of the Windows store leaking that reiterated the existence a store for apps which expected to hit Windows 8 once it comes out of Beta phase. Even the Windows apps store logo (colored logo above) was unearthed from hidden system files. But back then nothing much in detail was available about the expected features in Windows store. The folks over at Windows8Italia (translated) have uncovered more details about the Windows store and made available screenshot that displays various properties which is believed to be from the leaked Windows 8 Build 7955.

Windows store is expected to have a rating and review system along with support for app trial before buying the full version. As in the case of any app store, Windows app store will have applications arranged based on category and description. Also the minimum system requirements along with supported architectures is expected to be displayed along with app details. The apps change log with screenshots will be made available. Also speculations are high about the possible cloud support integration with app store that would allow you to sync purchased apps between Windows 8 PCs running at different locations.


Windows Store Features

Source: Neowin

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