WordPress Plugin to Backup Blog Files & Database to Dropbox

WordPress Dropbox Backup

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service out there that lets you backup and sync files with multiple devices. They offer a free 2GB storage space and with their referral system in place you can increase storage space in no time. And when it comes to blogging platform none can beat WordPress. Talking about WordPress or any other blogging platform we know it is very important to have a backup of the blog files and database. Both online and offline backup methods exists. But what if you can avail the best of these two services to backup your WordPress blog or website files and database easily to an online Dropbox account. Here is how to do so.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a WP plugin that lets you easily backup blog files and database to your Dropbox account. Once after creating a free Dropbox account you can install and activate this plugin by logging in to your blog dashboard. Now authorize the plugin to access your Dropbox account. Now you can set the frequency of backups along with date and time for backing up. The plugin takes care of all future backups and zipped files will appear in your online Dropbox account with a mirror copy being saved on your server.

The greatest advantage of using Dropbox storage space as a backup service is that you are actually creating an online and offline copy of WordPress files. The auto sync feature of Dropbox will make sure the exact copy of WordPress database and other files gets downloaded to your desktop.

WordPress Dropbox Plugin


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  1. Mohd Arif says:

    I would argue that UpdraftPlus is the best backup program for WordPress. It’s the most downloaded backup plugin on WordPress. this is the best plugin by which we can get out websites backup directly on google drive or any other cloud platform

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