Microsoft Office 15 Moorea Preview Video Leaked [Demo]

Office 15 Moorea

Moorea, Microsoft’s latest feature addition to the upcoming Office 15 pack was leaked on to internet in the form of screenshots last week. The Office 15 preview build 15.0.2703.1000 available with some users  for testing was introduced to public recently with not much clarity available about this application and its features. But one thing is very clear, Microsoft is in deep love with Metro UI which is reflected in Windows 8 leaked builds and now in Moorea too.

The screenshots revealed hints of an all-in-one application that lets users add images, text and other documents on to a tile based UI. The app sports a Menu with options to Open, Save, Undo, Redo, Rearrange, Delete etc which suggests this will be some sort of application explorer capable of creating galleries. Now a small demo video has been leaked which showcases how you can add files formats to Moorea.


Moorea Office 2015

Watch Office 15 Moorea in action :


Update: Another video available now showcases gallery created using Moorea application in Office 15 pack.


Source : YouTube

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