NetTalk- Make Free Phone Calls to US & Canada Using iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry Phones

NetTalk iPhone Android App

We have already published a post that explains how to call US and Canada phone numbers for free from your desktop computer using Google Voice service. Check that post here. But if you want to call your clients and friends in US and Canada for FREE from smart phone then here is an app for you that does the same. Check out NetTalk app now.

NetTalk is a free cross-platform app that lets you call mobile phone numbers in US and Canada without shelling out a single penny. NetTalk is available for iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones. Once after installing you have to register an account with NetTalk service. Login with username and password to call US and Canada phone numbers for free. NetTalk works over a 3G, WiFi and EDGE networks.

The call quality was excellent when we tested over WiFi network and the calls never lagged. Even when this app is free it offers cool features like call conferencing, call recording etc. No in call ads and good call quality makes this app a must have.

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Features of NetTalk VoIP app:

  1. Free calls to the U.S. and Canada
  2. Connectivity through 3G, Wi-Fi, and EDGE networks
  3. Record conversations
  4. Import contacts from your Smartphone’s personal phone book
  5. Receive customized support by dialing #611
  6. Dial #2663 for free conference calling bridge service
  7. Free 411 directory assistance
  8. Add/organize favorite contacts

NetTalk iPhone App

NetTalk iPhone VoIPNetTalk Call Record

Download NetTalk for free:

PS: NetTalk app doesn’t allow incoming calls as of now though we found that they assign a number for each user.

9 Responses

  1. Susheel says:

    Hi binoy can u tell me how to create nettalk account ….?

  2. vivek says:

    Hey i downloaded net talk on my Android …… Registered and logged in successfully
    I made call to US number, call got connected …… I could here voice of the person whom i called …. But not they……. They could not here me …….. After many attempt they started abusing me without knowing that i called them ( they thought some one making prank )

    • Binoy xavier says:

      Hi Vivek,

      Make sure you are on either WiFi or 3G network with stable internet connection.

      • vivek says:

        Thx Binoy for ur reply

        but the thing is that, i use stable high speed 3g net ………. i tried and got good quality call in Nimbus……….. And one doubt while i registering i entered location as INDIA… that a problem…………. Does nettalk support only US members

    • zack says:

      as did i. i just downloded it to and i am registered and i can connect calls but can not hear the other person on the line they can hear me just fine but i get nothing on my end. any help

  3. Arsalan ghulamani says:

    i downloaded nettalk on my samsung galaxy after registering and every thing when i try to use app it says unregistered on upper left corner andicant make any calls do you have any idea why?

    • Chikitaa says:

      I have the same problem I need help I want to call my mother and I can’t because it says unregistered on my top left corner >.<

  4. Gaurish Sharma says:

    Thanks Binoy for the information. I am from India, after downloading nettalk on my iphone I’m able to call India cell numbers as well using it.
    Is this expected? – as I thought we can only call US and Canada numbers.

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