Windows 8 First Official Video Demo

Windows 8 Demo

Wait is over now as the first official demo of the upcoming Windows 8 has been released, this time from the software giant themselves. Over the past few months we have watched many of the Windows 8 features unfolding from all corners of internet. Though not all features are shown in this very first preview video demo held during D9 conference the user interface is no more a secret.

President Steven Sinofsky demoed Windows 8 which is believed to be build 7985 with immersive UI evident in the leaked version. The short 4.34 min video released by Microsoft unveiled the new fully touch optimized tile based start menu, live app tiles, virtual keyboard, Twitter app, picture viewer and Internet Explorer 10. Though Windows Store is seen in the video nothing much was shown oe discussed at D9. Windows 8 sure is well optimized for touch based tablet PCs and devices but then the desktop version is expected to be different or at least with an intuitive interface.

Windows 8 will run on both Intel and ARM chips. Also there isn’t any extra hardware requirement and the one that can run Windows 7 smoothly will also run Windows 8. The developer conference in September will see the first milestone release to testers.


Windows 8 Start UI

Windows 8 News Reader

Windows 8 Apps UI

Windows 8 Keyboard

Windows 8 Pictures UI

Windows 8 Twitter UI

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