FaceDial- iPhone Photo Dialer App to Easily & Quickly Initiate Facetime Calls

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Apple Facetime is unarguably the best video calling service available exclusively on iOS devices and Mac. Facetime lets you video chat with friends over WiFi network. For initiating Facetime either your friends mobile number or email ID is required. After adding a friend you need to head over to phone book first and from there select a user from contact list to finally hit Facetime button. If you want to have a simple yet neat interface with all Facetime contacts as tiles then check this free app for iPhone.

FaceDial is a free iOS app that makes Facetime lot more easier by allowing users add Facetime contacts as icons with photo. After installing FaceDial app just add Facetime users from Contact list to the app. Add users based on phone number or Email and then a single tap on photo dialer will directly start a Facetime call. Easy and quick way to Facetime with friends.


FaceDial Facetime iPhone App

FaceDial iOS App

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