Compare Fare And Availability To Hire The Best Cab Service In India

  The online on-demand cab aggregator/ ridesharing services that lets you hire cars from mobile phones with the press of a button is growing at a rapid pace in India. We already have a handful of companies fighting it out in the open to win customers in cities they operate. Of them the major ones […]

How to Download, Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Boot Animation on ICS

We have already shared the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean wallpaper pack that was extracted from the all new Google Nexus 7 (Asus) flagship tablet device. And now we have the new Jelly Bean boot animation for devices running older Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It ‘s worth noting that boot animation on Nexus 7 tablet […]

Download Official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Wallpaper Pack Extracted From Nexus 7

Google announced an update to their Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile OS at the I/O 2012 event held last night. Google is adding a layer of new features on top of ICS and is calling it Jelly Bean (v4.1). As usual for any Android version update we now have new boot animation, UI tweaks, […]

Friendthem- Alternative to Facebook ‘Find Friends Nearby’ Feature for iOS, Android

Facebook recently, very silently introduced this feature called ‘Find Friends Nearby’ aka Friendshake that allowed prying eyes to find friends and acquaintances¬†who are near to your location at any point of time. Though a new feature that was available to Facebook mobile users accessing via iOS, Android and web apps around the world, many were […]

How to Enable AirPlay on Android To Wireless Stream Audio, Video to Apple TV, Windows PC, Mac & Linux

  Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming technology is something I like the most about iOS devices. But like any other Apple service even AirPlay is exclusive to iOS devices that includes iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For the uninitiated, AirPlay lets iOS users wirelessly stream photo, video and audio from iDevices (server) to Apple TV (receiver) […]

Pocket: Bookmark to Take Websites Offline To Read it Later on Mobile Phones/ Tablets

Majority owns either a smart phone or a tablet device these days. And the large screen real estate of these latest phones and tablets makes it a perfect companion for reading web articles while on the go. But the non-availability of a stable data connection can bug you while traveling in bus, train or flight. […]

T-Mobile Testing VoIP Calls to Landlines & Mobile Phones in 40+ Countries; Free Calls Using iOS, Android, Web Apps

Summary: T-Mobile is expanding their VoIP service outside the US and is now testing calls to 40+ countries. Using the free T-Mobile Bobsled app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac you can call your friends in these countries for free. The free mobile VoIP apps like Nettalk, Bobsled, Google Voice, Magic Jack etc available for […]

Tap Keyboard With iPhone/ Android Phone to Quickly Transfer Photos to Computer [Web]

There are many ways by which you can share photos from your Android or iPhone to desktop. I personally use Dropbox to quickly sync photos on my Android and iOS devices to a folder on desktop. Using an online service is much easier than hooking multiple USB cables when you a have limited number of […]

Top Smart Watches That Run Android, Can Push Notifications From iPhone, Android

Here is a new category of gadget that is gaining much traction lately, wearable computers. And within that segment if this on going Kickstarter project is any indication ‘smart watches’ are the latest cool kids in town. Unlike regular watches you wear to work daily these wearable computers are capable of not only displaying date/ […]

Uppidy- Backup & Access Android, iPhone Text Messages From Multiple Devices

There are many SMS backup tools available for Android devices including the popular apps like SMS Backup+ and Titanium backup. And when it comes to iOS you can backup text messages by exporting them using iTunes. While these apps lets you save or take offline backup of text messages it is not doing any justice […]