How to Watch Flash Videos on iPhone

Image credit : It’s almost certain that Adobe flash on iPhone OS will remain an everlasting dream. At least that’s what the  latest Apple Vs Adobe feud suggests. That said for users to taste flash videos embedded on webpages no other option is available. You will see the blue cube suggesting no flash juice when […]

Top 5 Free Alternatives to Safari Browser for iPhone

The Safari browser for iPhone OS is the default native browser. It was with the advent of Opera mini for iPhone the browser war began and debates are still on to decide which one is the best. Indeed Safari for iPhone do have its own merits and no other browser can fully supplement it. Here we […]

Measure Objects in Photo Using PhotoRuler For iPhone

PhotoRuler for iPhone is a free app that can measure the length of  objects in a photo. You can measure objects of length up to 1.5 m and beyond which you will have to buy their premium service. It is helpful when you are on move and would like to know the size of an […]

Control iTunes From Windows System Tray Easily

If you are an iDevice owner you will have definitely  used Apple’s own media playing software the iTunes. The iTunes being so popular is the default media player for many even on windows PCs. With the shining white default Apple UI and neat display of media details it often consume our screen space. What if one doesn’t […]